Ged nach robh Fèis Cheilteach Innse Gall àbhaisteach ann am bliadhna, cha do chuir sin maill air oidhirpean Cholaisde a’ Chaisteil UHI gus dualchas Gàidhlig na h-eileanan a thaisbeanadh do luchd-frithealaidh na fèise.  Le taic bho Bhòrd na Gàidhlig, chaidh sreath de bhùithtean-obrach air-loidhne a lìbhrigeadh, le cànan, ceòl agus sgeulachdan na sgìre, air an teagasg le luchd-ealain ainmeil.

Although the Hebridean Celtic Festival was in a different format this year, this didn’t hamper our efforts to showcase the Gaelic heritage of the islands to Festival-goers. With support from Bòrd na Gàidhlig, a suite of online workshops was delivered, with the language, music, and stories of the islands being taught by well-known artists.

Summer Schools

Thar nam bliadhnaichean, tha Colaisde a’ Chaisteil UHI air ceangalan làidir a chruthachadh le North Kelvin College ann an Glaschu, tro bhith a’ lìbhrigeadh sgoil shamhraidh dha na h-oileanaich Gàidhlig aca gach Òg-mhìos.  Tha sinn a’ coimhead air adhart ri fàilte a chur orra a-rithist ann an 2022.

Over the years, we have forged strong links with North Kelvin College in Glasgow, delivering an annual summer school for their Gaelic students.  We look forward to welcoming them again in 2022. Gaelic staff are also currently collaborating with local community groups with a view to establishing summer schools within our island communities.

Community Talks

In January 2021, we launched a series of lectures with experts from the community delivering talks on a range of subjects which included history, folklore, and literature.  Our first speaker was Dr. Joni Buchanan who discussed the changing nature of community in the district of Uig, Lewis.  The following month was hosted by our own Dr. Anne Frater, speaking about the local poet, Christina Macdonald. 

Shona Maclellan from South Uist offered a fascinating insight into the life of the mysterious Dotair Bàn. In May, Iain Maciver of Laxay discussed the past and present state of crofting and its relationship with the Gaelic language. The lecture series concluded on a strong note in July with Father Ross Crichton of Eriskay, whose theme was the life of St Columba.

Year of Homecoming

The Hebridean Year of Homecoming will be celebrated in 2022/23 and we are working in partnership with a range of local agencies and community groups in order to coordinate our contribution to the event.  The College is represented on both the Hebrides Heritage Forum and the Steering Group of The Great Place Project, ensuring that we are in tune with what local people and visitors want from us.  One of our major projects is ‘Home to the Hebrides’, an online course we are developing to prepare prospective visitors by immersing them in all aspects of the language and culture of the Outer Hebrides.  The course will enhance the visitor experience by providing information tailored to each of the islands, and directing them to places of interest when they arrive.

Short Course Programme

We developed a new programme of short courses for session 2020/21, specifically designed for online delivery and focussed on both Gaelic language and culture.  The programme included both twilight and traditional evening class slots, with a view to being as flexible and inclusive as possible.

The following programmes will run in 2021/22, with some exciting new additions also planned:

  • Gaelic Place Names
  • Gaelic Awareness
  • Supernatural Folklore of the Hebrides
  • Gaelic Grammar for Fluent Speakers