Over the past three years, the Fashion Department has developed to include the provision of NC and HNC/HND levels of study to a broad spectrum of students in a bespoke and inspirational manner.


"I have completed my NPA in Harris Tweed, NC, HNC and HND. I have been a carer for the last 30 years and had been thinking about changing my career."

Jackie Keddie HNC Fashion: Design and Production with Retail


The NC Level course focuses on introducing students to the practical foundations of:

  • Fashion design
  • Pattern cutting
  • Industrial sewing techniques 
  • Illustration
  • Analysis of the fashion industry 
  • The opportunity to study an NPA in Harris Tweed

The HN Courses enable students to, not only build upon the skills learnt in the NC, but also introduce them to specialized skills in Corsetry, Bridal Wear and Millinery. 

When you ‘study’ Fashion you are required to absorb, interpret and apply everything that is happening in society on a global basis.  As well as studying from a design perspective, you’ll explore the logistics of supply chains, marketing, planning, sustainability, and ethical considerations.  

The maximum capacity for each course is ten students - this enables tutors to facilitate personable and regular discussion forums with industry speakers to deepen the student's experience and understanding of the key issues currently influencing the fashion industry.  Tutors are also able to provide one-on-one guidance for practical skills and ensure that each student has their own ‘workstation’ within an open planned studio.  

The fashion studio is located in the same area of the college as the Jewelry Studio which facilitates, not only the potential to study Jewelry modules as part of the HN Courses, but has also developed a ‘creative community’ experience for students.  

If you are successful in securing a place to study fashion with us it means the experience you get will be truly unique to any other fashion student on a global basis. The delivery of Fashion courses in the Outer Hebrides may still be new, but the community's connection to the global fashion industry through Harris Tweed is extensive in its duration and iconic in its status.