All our construction and engineering departments have everything you’ll need to excel during your studies.

  • Our Technology department is equipped with engineering workshops and laboratories
  • Our Fabrication and Welding workshop has a wide range of welding, cutting, and forming equipment for use with sheet metal and heavy platework
  • Our Mechanical workshop has industry-standard, turning, milling and bench fitting facilities
  • Our Electrical Installation workshop has industry-standard facilities to carry out the domestic and industrial electrical installation
  • Our Carpentry and Joinery bench shop is equipped with Industry-standard hand and power tools to ensure candidates gain experience with the very latest construction practices

We also offer courses on electric vehicle (EV) ownership and safety, including a new Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation course for Domestic, Industrial, and Commercial premises. This City and Guilds Course will give qualified electricians the opportunity to register with OLEV (Office of Low Emission Vehicles) and the Local Authority to install such equipment.  All-electric car manufacturers who offer a subsidised installation as part of the 'package' can only use the OLEV approved electricians for the installation in order for the customer to claim the Government grant.

Various labs are available to carry out scientific, computing, and engineering experimentation and research.  This includes an innovation centre and laboratory with the latest ‘high technology’ electronic test and development equipment to help support local enterprise as well as student studies.

The section also has staff active in several international research or development project areas.  Degree level students have an opportunity to contribute to these areas and some even get published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals - these areas include:

  • Theoretical and practical Artificial Intelligence. Including for medical and environmental applications
  • Aerospace propulsions systems – including Scramjet engines for hypersonic spaceplanes

 We have a wide range of engineering software available to support Computer Aided Draughting (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and link with 3D Printers and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) turning and milling facilities.  Open-access computer laboratories also have the latest industry-standard and research-grade software for computer modelling, programming, and simulation of engineering systems.

The ‘Renewables croft’ is an outside area with wind turbines and ground and air heat source facilities to help support Energy Engineering studies.  The croft is linked to two hydrogen laboratories that enable hydrogen equipment to be tested and evaluated and hydrogen-based energy solutions to be developed.  One significant piece of equipment is a large diesel engine-generator with a variable load that had been converted to run off hydrogen.  This shows how older equipment can be converted to hydrogen as a transition stage towards a full hydrogen economy.

There is a strong link between the Technology Department and Point and Sandwick Power who have made available data from their local 9 MW wind farm.  This information is made available to students for projects and teaching.

The Technology Department has been involved in a number of European research projects and is currently leading on a project aimed at improving the seaweed quality in the northern areas of Europe - working with a number of Northern Universities to incorporate as much renewable energy as possible.

Lecturers are invited to use their unique experiences in Renewable Energy by being invited to teach at the prestigious Zurich Technical University.

Students are able to use the manufacturing facilities to test new ideas by constructing and testing prototypes as part of their project modules.  An example is the comparison of new vertical axis wind turbine designs with established three-bladed horizontal axis devices.

The Carpentry and Joinery machine shop is fitted out with industry-standard woodworking cutting and shaping machinery that gives candidates the experience to create all joinery components to manufacture doors, windows, stairs, etc from off-saw battens. We have dedicated bays and rigs to simulate construction methods and procedures from ground floor level to a completed roof ready for slating.