Study Spaces


Our priority is to provide a safe learning, research and working environment for all our students and staff, whilst also protecting our local community.

Student study spaces at Lews Castle College UHI - booklet cover

With certain Covid restrictions still in place, we have created a variety of special study spaces throughout the college. These spaces aim to provide you with the best environment to learn and be inspired.

While some are open for general use, others are bookable spaces where you can access online lectures, enjoy independent study, or meet in small groups to collaborate with other students.

Download our Study Space Leaflet so you know what is available and how you can study on campus.

If you wish to book any study spaces please email: 

Please also be aware of Covid restrictions:

  • Face masks must be used in communal and learning areas
    - Please maintain 1-meter social distancing
    - Wash and sanitise your hands regularly
    - If you have any questions simply speak to our Reception Staff or your PAT.





Informal Study Areas
Throughout the campus

These wifi-enabled hot desk spaces are available on the Mezzanine, Foyer & throughout the campus. These areas are open for all students to take the time and space to study, chat and enjoy.

Our Eduroam service allows students to use Wi-Fi services throughout our campus. Simply connect via your wifi and set up an account with your student email.

Student Café
Level 0

Morning service: 10.15am – 11.45pm
Lunch Service: 12.15pm - 2pm

College life is about more than just studying! Our Cafe is an open and informal space created to allow students to relax, socialise and study.

Level 1

The Library is a multipurpose study space open to all students.

Our library staff will help you find and explore our thousands of learning resources while you enjoy the facilities including student computers, a silent study room, and our extensive book collection.

You can also visit the Library information page here.

Learning Resource Centre
Level 2

The Learning Resource Centre is for use by individuals or groups. This space has been specially designed to support research, project development, and small group collaboration. There are a range of computers, study areas, and the opportunity to meet and work with fellow students.

Students studying

Bookable Study Spaces
Throughout the Campus

We have spaces throughout the college available for individuals to book at any time via reception. These quiet rooms are for you to have your own quiet space to study and learn on campus as you need.

You can also speak to reception staff about booking classrooms for small group study.

You can book these spaces via our staff at Reception or by emailing