How you can study


We believe learning should be as flexible as possible. Many of our courses are available to study full-time or part-time - and many of our courses have been developed for online delivery, meaning you also have the option to study from home.


Classes are delivered face-to-face on campus.  Fins out more about our campsues across the Outer Hebrides - Our Centres - UHI Outer Hebrides

Blended learning

Students study through a combination of face-to-face classes on campus and remote learning.  Some lectures and sessions are timetabled remotely via our virtual learning environment and video conferencing.

Remote and Online Learning

You can access everything you need to learn via your computer or device. Lectures and other sessions are timetabled and you will attend these remotely via our virtual learning environment and video conferencing.  Learning materials are posted online and you can work through them in your own time, communicating with fellow students and your lecturers via discussion boards, forums, and email.  You’ll also be able to benefit from IT support, as well as funding for anyone in need of technical equipment to support their learning.

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Studying at Lews Castle College UHI

Skills & Career Development content

Skills & Career Development

We can provide support and training whatever stage you are at in your career. Whether you have just left school and are unsure of your next step or you are looking to change or develop your career.

Skills Development

We have courses that can support you and staff that can help you. Our NQ Skill Up course for example provides the opportunity to gain a variety of essential qualifications at a level to allow progression into further study, apprenticeship, or employment. If you are interested please take a look at the courses below and email

Short Courses 

We offer a wide range of short courses that can support you to upskill and develop technical expertise across a range of topical specialist subjects to help progress your career. Whether you are looking to start a new career, develop a hobby or secure an industry qualification we have the course for you.

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