Scottish education system


Scotland has its own education system which is distinct from the rest of the United Kingdom. It has its own national credit and qualifications framework and its own national record of achievement for non-degree qualifications.

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework has been created by bringing together all Scottish mainstream qualifications into a single unified framework: the qualifications of higher education institutions; SQA National Qualifications and Higher National Qualifications; and SVQs. There are 12 levels ranging from Access 1 (National Qualifications) at SCQF level 1 to Doctorate at SCQF level 12.

SQA qualifications table - Qualification Framework.

The SCQF helps to make the relationships between qualifications clearer. It can clarify entry and exit points and routes for progression within and across education and training sectors. The SCQF helps maximise the opportunities for credit transfer, assisting learners to plan their progress and learning. It also assists in making clear the relationships between Scottish qualifications and those in the rest of the UK, Europe and beyond, thereby clarifying opportunities for international progression routes and credit transfer.

Shetland College UHI offers courses from vocational to degree and professional level. You can take your learning to whatever level you want and progress at your own pace within one institution. The table below will help you to consider your progression route.

SCQF levels chart