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If you are looking for help with the cost of childcare whilst you are a student, the college has some funds that may help.

However, these funds are cash-limited and are given on a first-come, first-served basis. The care must be with a registered childcare provider e.g. childminder, nursery or after school club.

You also have to meet certain eligibility criteria and apply for the funding before you start your course.

We only pay for childcare during college term-time, not the college holidays. Payments are made direct to the childcare provider and are made in arrears. 

Please contact Student Services as soon as you are thinking about coming to college to discuss how we might be able to help.

An Cotan Nursery, Stornoway

The College has some places reserved at our own nursery, An Cotan for students. However, places are limited so you need to talk to the Nursery Manager, Erica Gearty and Student Services as soon as you can.

An Cotan Childcare Centre is next door to the college’s Stornoway Campus, within the grounds of Lews Castle. The building has been designed to provide a warm, safe and caring environment in which children have opportunities for learning through play with challenging educational activities and materials.

An Cotan can accommodate 35 children at any one time, nine under 2 year olds, ten 2-3 year olds and sixteen 3-5 year olds. Each of these age groups has their own room.

There are 10 staff members, including the Nursery Manager and a team of regular relief staff. To ensure that An Cotan delivers a high standard of care and education, it is regularly inspected by the Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS) and HM Inspectorate of Education.

If you require further information please contact:

Other childcare providers

College funds can be used to pay for other nurseries or childminders as long as they are Registered Childcare Providers.