Ruth Barclay-Paterson


MA Health & Wellbeing

Reflecting back several months after finishing Masters Programme I find myself missing studying. I have no regrets at all. Completing the MA Health & Wellbeing at UHI has only ever been positive for me. Completing a Masters has provided me with so much more than the qualification; it was something I very much wanted to achieve and I am especially proud of the achievement. The discipline to complete this Masters has actually enriched all parts of my life. 


My independence and confidence have allowed me to be much more confident in my own ability and not requiring approval or constant feedback. If I don’t know something, I now have the skills to know how to find out. My writing ability has significantly improved and I am proud of the academic work I can now produce. From the time management and organising myself prospectively I am delighted with my ability to use time effectively especially with a young family. As a busy working mum studying online allowed me to have “my thing” that fitted round family and work needs. 

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