Rona Campbell


MSc Sustainable Rural Development

I looked at several courses before deciding to undertake the MSc with the university. The course content has greatly increased my knowledge of sustainable economic development in rural areas.  I was partly sponsored by my employer, HIE, and this allowed me to study and continue working at the same time.

My aim was to plug the gaps in my knowledge to support the work I do at Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).  This course did the trick by giving me a greater appreciation of the history of rural development and current thinking in this area.  But it did much more than that because it allowed me to follow an interest in land reform and community land ownership.

My studies have led me to do cross-sector work within HIE and my manager supports my ongoing studies with a flexible work pattern.  My research is fed back into the organisation and has allowed me to work across teams in HIE. 


I am following an interest, a passion that stems from childhood and recognising that life in a more rural environment is not remote, but where people want to be. Sustainable economic development recognises that and anything I learn through my research will hopefully add to the knowledge of the community land sector and therefore help to inform policy developments in a wider sense."

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