Robert King


BA (Hons) Applied Music

I hadn’t considered university at all for a while – I only came to Applied Music because it was recommended to me by another singer-songwriter who was on the course. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t’ have known that there was a course out there that suited me at all.


I came to the course with not much experience outside of busking and playing occasional gigs – now I feel like I have a good grounding in lots of different areas of music-making, e.g. using compositional software, recording equipment, DAWS etc. It has also given me a network of other musicians to keep in touch with – and in the music industry, the more people you know, the better!

It’s so tailored to your individual journey as a musician, regardless of genre or experience. Although my knowledge has expanded in so many different areas through studying Applied Music, ultimately all the big creative choices rest with the student: the course is there to help you become the best version of yourself as a musician, not to nudge you in a particular musical direction. I don’t know of any other courses that do this, and that’s why I didn’t look for it! As a singer-songwriter who plays acoustic-steel-string guitar, no classical or popular music course offered anything that fitted my style. Applied Music offered me a scope that was broad enough for my aspirations, and flexible enough for me not to have to morph my style of music. I was also able to source my own tutor, online, which allows enormous choice!

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