Louise Nicholson


NC 5 Hairdressing

I felt the course was right for me as I always wanted, from a young age, to work with hair. I would always go to work with my auntie who was also a hairdresser, and my interest grew from there. This course allowed me to stay at home throughout the pandemic as well as keep a part-time job and attend work experience each week in a local salon, which eventually led to me becoming self-employed in that same salon. I liked the flexibility of studying full time whilst maintaining the life I was already living prior to studying.


My lecturer could not have handled the pandemic any better than she did, I was very pleased with the support and amount of in-depth learning we received throughout the last two years, and felt that she was always on hand if I needed anything. Looking back over the last two years I do not feel I am any worse off than students who studied prior to the pandemic and my lecturer did not allow it to hold us back. When we were allowed back into college, I received a lot of 1-1 practical teaching to make up for the learning from home.

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