Karen Buchanan


BA Gaelic Scotland 

The subject matter is perfectly aligned to my interests. The mix of subjects is unusual and the range of options has allowed me to choose my own path through my studies.  I have particularly enjoyed the history classes and those which focus on the Gaelic cultural heritage of the Highlands and Islands.   

The course could have been tailor made for a Highland museum curator. My learning has been invaluable to me in my profession, particularly in the process of creating a new museum for Gairloch. 


I am very glad to have chosen this course.  It has been challenging working full time and studying part time, but I have learned an enormous amount about the history of the Highlands, and its Gaelic cultural heritage. This information has been invaluable to me in understanding the collection of artefacts and archival materials that I look after. 

I really appreciate the connections I have made with some of the lecturing staff who are not only fountains of knowledge in their subject areas, but also genuinely caring and encouraging people. 

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