Kareen Allen


Apprenticeship: SCQF level 6 Social Services and Healthcare

I had worked in retail for years and I had thought about changing my career. I had cared for members of my family and people have recommended a career in care to me. I had been working in care for three years and wanted to progress my career.  Working in care is hard but so rewarding. I went in completely blind and I had to learn a lot in my first week. It was daunting but now I love it.

I hadn’t used computers in so long, it was a challenge to get used to that side of things again. Also, caring for people at the end of their life can be so hard but I see the difference I make. Sometimes I see smiles on people’s faces and know I am helping them and that is the ultimate reward. I get to talk to people everyday and engage with them. Speaking Gaelic is so important for the people I care for. Using their native language to engage and build relationships with them is essential. Knowing people feel safe and enjoy your company is wonderful.

Isobel, my lecturer, is so supportive! She often works one to one with me and she is focused on me and my needs. When she tells me I am doing well, it really boosts my confidence.



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