Joyce Banga


Pg Certificate Healthcare Quality Improvement (HQI)

When I joined UHI it was my first time doing online learning.  I was not quite sure whether I would benefit more as a student than in face-to-face learning.  From my experience, I found out that I benefited more as an online student than face-to-face learning.  Even though we were all in different geographical locations, being on the discussion board gave me a classroom feel.  Where the tutor or lecturer does most of the talking in a classroom, in online learning all the students can share as much as they can and in return learn from both the perspective of the lecturer and other students. I was privileged to learn with students from other specialities which helped broaden my learning and perspectives.


The modules and course content gave me a good background to understand healthcare safety and be able to lead HQI no matter how small the projects may be.

The course has turned me into a practitioner who is more patient and staff safety aware than before and is keen to be involved in quality improvement projects. I have always valued patient safety. The different tools I learned about in project management are helping me in improving patient and staff safety.

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