Jessica Sapphire Frame


MA Health & Wellbeing

The online element was so ahead of its time. When Covid hit, unlike so many other universities, very little changed, we were supported and could still carry on ‘business as usual because of the distance learning. The teaching was supported but self-directed enough for you to pick areas that you were interested in and based on your career path trajectory.

The health and Wellbeing masters was the reason I was seen as qualified enough to get both my current roles and in landing these roles makes my eventual career goal as a chartered psychologist more achievable as it’s giving me a foundation of skills to be able to do that job, increasing confidence, and makes me a more likely candidate for the programme with experience and customer/client-facing role.


The people and staff, the feeling of support was second to none, they really are invested in helping you in your own efforts to succeed. The course content itself was innovative and thought-provoking and improved critical thinking skills and analysis skills that stays with you.

I’m so grateful for my experience at UHI. Thank you to all staff I worked with especially Rachel Erskine she was inspirational and a pillar of support and really did bring out my best academic self.

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