Janine Mitchell


BA (Hons) Sustainable Development

I was looking for a course that would allow me to develop my knowledge of environmental and social issues. I absolutely loved the fact that this course is multi-dimensional, not only looking at environmental issues but also economics, geography, development, politics, and community.  That really appealed to me. Also, the ability to study on a PT basis, so that I can fit it in around my job, and that there was no need to relocate as the whole course can be completed online.


The support from staff has been phenomenal.  This includes tutors and lecturers as well as Student Services, and all other staff I’ve been in contact with. The course is very flexible, the staff is brilliant, and you can learn so much.  It has opened my mind to so many issues and topics that I had no idea about before.   

There is a mix of teaching styles, and whilst I do prefer some to others, they are all useful in their own way.  The ability to watch recorded sessions again is particularly helpful if there is a topic that you need to review.  Staff is always happy to answer questions, and most offer plenty of additional resources if there is a particular topic you want to learn more about.      

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