James Bauld


BA (Hons) Applied Music

The flexibility and accessibility of the course meant that I could follow my passion -which is traveling and exploring other countries and their musical traditions whilst studying. The course residencies are also good networking opportunities and the various creative tasks have introduced me to other community groups, and cultures – such as working with students online in Africa or composing music for the film with Scordraw Music in Belfast.

This course really helped build my confidence and independence. I was very quiet when I started the degree – but through all the different opportunities for meeting people online and through residencies and traveling, I feel able to communicate and collaborate even when there are language barriers.


One of the best things about the course for me is the opportunity to select my own music mentor each year. It enabled me to focus on different aspects of my playing -getting a mentor one year who pushed me hugely in repertoire and then the next year another mentor focused more on my technique, and this year I have been focusing on tone and fluency. I feel like I have had the best opportunity to select tutors who are great at specific things, and they've all approached mentoring and teaching in different ways which I have found fascinating.

I very much like online lessons. The recording of VCs gives me the chance to watch again if I’m needing to refresh a particular topic. Whenever I've been confused or needed any additional support it has genuinely just been an email or two away and then a teacher is usually happy to like to voice call or answer your emails. I feel like when I've needed support, it's been there.

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