Heather Randle


HNC Childhood Practice

I began with Health Social and Childcare Studies as I was unsure of what I actually wanted to do. This course offered insight into a variety of roles within the care sector. It was whilst doing the Health Social and Childcare courses that my interests began to veer more towards working with children.

The teaching and support I received throughout my studies was exceptional and I cannot praise the lecturers enough. As an adult returner I was very nervous I had 3 dependent children and no experience of computing whatsoever, I was never sure that I was going to be able to complete even the first year of study. The lecturers did everything they could to support me both academically and personally, they were understanding of my individual circumstances and were flexible where possible to suit my needs.

My HNC gave me the qualification essential to my current job and enabled me to gain experience in childcare whilst doing my degree as it gave me the qualification needed to register with the SSSC. The degree although not necessary for my current job has been a means of expanding my understanding of child development and the needs of children. It has definitely given me greater confidence in my ability to fulfil my role and meet the needs of the children in my care while working in partnership with their parents. It also means that there are other options for me should I wish to change my career at any point in the future.


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