Fraser Macleod


Mechanical Engineering Apprentice

I chose to do an apprenticeship because I believe it offers a wide range of practical skills and knowledge.  The MA scheme also offers the chance to complete 3 different qualifications which include an NC, an SVQ2 and an SVQ3 which are all well recognized qualifications in the engineering industry.  It is also very appealing to young people as you earn while you learn.  It also one-upped going to University as you are able to gain your recognized qualifications from your home town.


For me previously, an apprenticeship offered me the chance to be able to complete the apprenticeship without having to travel away from the island. The college is also is equipped with a wide range of different engineering machinery which means they can offer a healthy amount of courses and practical experience to any current or future apprentices. You learn from experienced tradesmen that know what they are talking about.

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