Emilia Marienfeld


BA (Hons) Applied Music

I am incredibly thankful for the advice and help given by tutors. They go beyond everything to help as much as they can and connect you with industry relevant personalities. Additionally, they offer many opportunities outside of modules on how to develop further. The blended learning environment works very well and gives you the opportunity to f.e. tour whilst studying.

Do it! It will help you find out what parts of the music industry you will enjoy doing and then this could lead to a career in that field. The versatility for me is a big bonus and incredibly beneficial because you will get an idea of all the many opportunities and jobs out there!


My interest in festival management only started with the course and was strengthened through an optional module. Additionally, the tutors are incredibly supportive and helpful in guiding me and others in the right direction through teaching us about the different aspects of the music industry.

I am very thankful for all the opportunities & the support that we get from the tutors on the Applied Music degree!

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