Daisy McCormick


HNC Music

I'm from Edinburgh, I live just south of the city, in a very musical village called Pathhead. I've been playing fiddle for about 12 years. I got into trad music because my aunt and older cousin are both fiddlers and I've grown up surrounded but the music. 

I chose to study music at UHI OH because I wanted a change of pace from living in the city as well as the opportunity to surround myself with the Gaelic language and culture. I am currently learning Gaelic and the chance to learn from musicians and lecturers like Allan Henderson and Ian Macdonald was just too good to pass on. 

Recently Celtic Connections got in touch with accordionist and composer, John Somerville and asked him if he would be interested in writing a piece of music for the 30th anniversary of the festival. John developed the piece into a traditional orchestral piece for young trad musicians across Scotland to be a part of. Myself and fellow UHI Music student Ben Godlington were chosen to be part of the event. As well as being part of the orchestra we also got the chance to do some small group work with people in our regional area bringing to the stage different styles from places across Scotland. 


As part of the 2023 anniversary festival we played at a concert put on by Celtic Connection for the Glasgow schools. Session A9 was also playing at the same gig, and we spent the whole of Sunday in tutorials with them, learning some of their tunes to play with them at the end of the gig. This was an absolutely incredible experience for me, getting to work with such amazing musicians. 

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