Charles Kelly


Digital Pedagogy MEd 

I set up an online MSc in oncology over twenty years ago and am still involved in administering it and teach the clinical oncology modules, so I have been involved in online education for over two decades now but I felt there was a lack in my theoretical educational knowledge especially with regard to higher online learning. The course offered by UHI seemed specifically geared to my own educational needs. 

Unfortunately, my course has coincided with the Covid pandemic, and as a working hospital consultant, this is of course led to pressures in the workplace that have never been seen before. 

The support that I have had through this rocky time, from UHI has been absolutely superb especially from Gareth Davies who has offered exceptionally outstanding support, and more than I think I would receive in my own University. Everyone I have come in contact with at UHI during this difficult and trying time, with the difficulties of homeworking, has been very helpful and a credit to UHI. I find this especially helpful as normally I am a student who takes a learning task and just gets on with it. Of course, none of us could have forecast the Covid pandemic (apart from perhaps a very small number of infectious diseases epidemiologists!), But the support of the way that UHI and the human face of UHI as far as I’m concerned in Gareth have been so positive. I would certainly be happy to recommend UHI to other potential students and highlight to those students the level of support they might expect, with my own case as an example. I am not one for over-enthusiastic praise, but the way UHI is supporting students as simply as it should be, recognising its student's pastoral and holistic needs.


I would like to do more teaching and research in oncology and less “service” work, which I have done for over thirty years now.

Dr. Charles G Kelly

Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Northern Centre for Cancer Care, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Degree Programme Director, Newcastle University on-line MSc, Oncology & Palliative Care

Honorary Senior Lecturer, Northern Cancer Research Institute.

Immediate Past President, European Association for Cancer Education.

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