Anu Hawkins


BA (Hons) Applied Music

My expectations have been met and exceeded. The course is flexible and accessible – I can work three days a week and stay at home, while also applying music to my work. Having a say in my instrumental tutor allows me to explore musical styles I’m interested in. The course has given me a holistic view of music – the modules link up and are cohesive, which works well for my learning style.

anu hawkins

The residencies as part of the course have allowed me to meet up with other students, and I am in touch with students who live close to me. I’ve also taken advantage of opportunities outside the university that have been shared with students through announcements.

Choose something you are motivated by and passionate about, something you know you’d like to spend a lot of time doing. Make the choice not too focused on future plans – do what feels right now, as plans can change. Try to get in touch with tutors beforehand to ask questions and check it’s the right thing. Go for it! Make sure you have the time and space to commit to it, and that it will be your priority

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