Student stories


BA (Hons) Gaelic and Development

"There are a lot of Gaelic-related opportunities on the island and elsewhere." 

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content anu-hawkins

BA (Hons) Applied Music

"Choose something that you are motivated by and passionate about, something that you know you’d like to spend a lot of time doing." 

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content joyce-banga

Pg Certificate Healthcare Quality Improvement (HQI)

"The course has made turned me into a practitioner who is more patient and staff safety aware than before and am keen to be involved in quality improvement projects." 

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content manoj-sharma

BSc Computing

"Worked as a chef for 15 years, it was a tough decision to change my career but my hobby of fixing computers both pc and Laptops led me to enrol in NC computing hoping to pursue a career in the same."

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content Jackie-Keddie

HNC Fashion: Design and Production with Retail

"I have been a carer for the last 30 years and had been thinking about changing my career. I had thought many times over the years to start my own business but didn't have the confidence. It was then I saw the course advertised, so I applied."

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content robert-scott

Professional Cookery SCQF Level 4 and 5

"Qualifications always help if you ever want to go further in any career."

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content rachel-frieslick

NC Mechanical Engineering

"The NC Mechanical Engineering course was a fantastic step to get back into education, after 6 years out."

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content robert-king

BA (Hons) Applied Music

"If you have any doubts, remember that this course is about you – yes, you occasionally have to tick specific boxes but it’s not an essay-heavy course, it’s very tailored to your own journey." 

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content James-Bauld

BA (Hons) Applied Music

"Take every opportunity to apply for everything – don’t hold back!." 

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content colin

BA (Hons) Applied Music

"I highly recommend the UHI Applied Music program to international students who want to study CelticTraditional music online from their home country." 

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content bere

BA (Hons) Applied Music

"Go for it! Even if you aren’t planning to follow a career in music, it’s a great fun course and a great way to work with and meet new people in a creative environment." 

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content heather

HNC Childhood Practice

"The lecturers did everything they could to support me both academically and personally, they were understanding of my individual circumstances and were flexible where possible to suit my needs."

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content grace

BA Applied Music

"Do not pass up this opportunity! Make sure you start the course when you have enough time for it, this special course deserves your full attention in order to make the most of it." 

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content Fiona-McConnell

MEd Digital Pedagogy

"You have the flexibility to study when you want and how you want, due to the mix of resources and teaching techniques. If you are working and juggling other commitments it is possible to complete the course, and if you have any additional needs, do let them know as they are there to help you." 

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content louise-nicholson

NC Level 5 Hairdressing

"I feel I have gained sufficient studies to work as a hairdresser and to run a business."

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content Sara-Perry

MA Health & Wellbeing (post-graduate certificate in Healthcare Quality Improvement)

"This postgraduate certificate offered me the opportunity to learn the different quality improvement methods and approaches and how they can be applied to improve services."

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content jessica-may-fletcher

Advanced Diabetes

"As a health care professional, we are required to continuously update our knowledge and skills within our area of practice. This course has been a helpful step in further specialising within diabetes care."

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content anna-macrae

BA (Hons) Health & Social Studies

"If you’re thinking about studying with UHI then I would say go for it."

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content mairi-telford

MSc Sustainable Rural Development

"I feel lucky to have been offered funding by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) to do the Masters degree."

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content rosie-gray

BA Sustainable Development

"It’s a great course, there's a lot of learning, this subject is dynamic and evolving daily, allow enough time for the course so you can do the reading too."

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content beverley-green

MA Health & Wellbeing

"Don’t think about it. Do it! You will enjoy every minute of it. You will gain increased knowledge, connections and insight to your chosen topic area."

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content Thomas-McCallun

M.Ed. Digital Pedagogy

"For those entering Higher Education from industry, I would recommend this masters to help place your own understanding of what teaching is into a wider context."

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content Lesley-Browny

MA Health & Wellbeing

"Go for it!!!  It’s never too late to study!!! ."

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content Jane-MacDonald

NC Art and Design 

"If you have the opportunity, go for it. It’s a great course and a great place to study." 

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content jessica-frame

MA Health & Wellbeing

"I chose the Health and Wellbeing course based on wanting to move back to the Island and wanted to carry on my mental health study journey. I am so glad I did the Health and Wellbeing course was ahead of its time."

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content Connor-Cunningham

NC Mechanical Engineering progressing to HNC Engineering Systems

"The tutors were helpful and were able to adapt to the challenges that came with lockdown by holding online classes and being available through email almost every day."

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content rona-campbell-thumbnail

MSc Sustainable Rural Development

"The course content has greatly increased my knowledge of sustainable economic development in rural areas. Gaining the MSc was a huge personal achievement and the structure of the course made it possible. It was hard work but a lot of fun!"

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content Murdo-Maclean

Health, Social and Child Studies Level 6

“No-one else is going to do it for you. You are your own universe; you just have to get on and do it”

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content Morgan-Macleod

BSc Computing

"I had a genuine interest in the subject and have been using various forms of technology from a very young age. I was also aware of the vast career opportunities in the sector."

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content Emilia-Marienfeld

BA (Hons) Applied Music

"Do it! It will help you finding out what parts of the music industry you will enjoy doing and then this could lead to a career in that field." 

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content Megan-Ferguson

NC Level 6 Mechanical Engineering

"The environment here was always amazing to me, every member of staff I have come across has always been more than welcoming, ranging from canteen staff to lecturing staff."

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content Janine-Mitchell

BA (Hons) Sustainable Development

"Do it! If you have an interest in any aspects of sustainable development and have the opportunity to study this course, I’d highly recommend it."

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content Neil-McElroy

Child & Adolescent Mental Health CPD Award

"best online learning environment I have been involved in"

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content susan-macaulay

MA Health & Wellbeing

"This course will give you the skills and knowledge to provide evidence-based health care." 

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content Charles-Kelly

Digital Pedagogy MEd

"Be aware of the excellent support that UHI gives its students."

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content karen-thumbnail

BA Gaelic Scotland

"It has been challenging working full time and studying part time, but I have learned an enormous amount about the history of the Highlands, and its Gaelic cultural heritage."

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content Ealasaid-Macleod-thumbnail

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

"It’s never too late to start or change your career path.  Make the most of the lecturers and support staff and ask plenty of questions."

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content Angela-McKell

Postgraduate Certificate Healthcare Quality Improvement 

"The course offered me the opportunity to build on my excising QI knowledge"

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content Iain MacSween

Gaelic Language and Culture BA (Hons)

"The biggest benefit for me having studied at Lews Castle College is gaining a fluency in Gaelic"

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content Jack Buchanan

Merchant Navy Cadet, Access to Merchant Navy

"It was the best move I ever made"

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content Alick John Maclean

Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)

"Go for it! It's a great opportunity to study and you are never too old to change careers."

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content ruth

MA Health & Wellbeing

"As a busy working mum studying online allowed me to have “my thing” that fitted round family and work needs."

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content Chloe Steele

HNC Music

"Coming from an island, deeply enriched in culture and tradition has played a huge role in my love for traditional Scottish music of Piping and Gaelic Singing in particular."

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content Christine Hazelton

NC and HNC Fabrication and Welding

"I had never applied myself this hard at something before and I decided that I wanted to do this all the way to HNC level and the lecturers were very supportive of my goal."

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content angela-louch

Hairdressing NC Level 5

"To receive the support and encouragement from my lecturer was great but to then win awards was something I never thought I would achieve. "

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