Dr Gareth Davies


Scheme Co-ordinator: PGT Tertiary & Higher Education Scheme. Programme Leader: MEd Tertiary & Higher Education; MEd Digital Pedagogy; PgCert Research Methods.

Ph.D. Health Psychology, M.Sc. Rural Resources Management, B.A. Psychology, Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, BPS Chartered Psychologist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

UHI Responsibilities

  • Co-ordinator: PGT Tertiary & Higher Education Scheme
  • Programme Leader
    • M.Ed. Tertiary & Highr Education
    • M.Ed. Digital Pedagogy
    • PgCert Research Methods
  • Lecturer
    • M.Ed. THE
    • M.Ed. DP
    • PgCert Research Methods
    • M.A. Health and Wellbeing
    • B.Sc. Psychology
    • B.A. Child and Youth Studies

email: gareth.davies@uhi.ac.uk

tel: 01851 770247

Research interests

  • Online learning and learning communities
  • Health helpseeking behaviour

Successful Ph.D. Supervision

  • Wilson G. "To what extent can a problem-solving approach to teaching computer programming provide a better learning experience for teacher and students than current approaches?"
  • Bowyer S. “Participatory Mapping of Health Indicators and Services as a Tool for Anticipatory Co-Planning”
  • Coker H. “An Investigation of the factors which affect student’s effective collaboration in online environments”

Current Ph.D. Supervision

  • Director of Studies: Wiseman A. “How socialisation affects the ability of 16-18 year old High School students on Lewis and Harris to innovate?”
  • Director of Studies: Moreland J. “Patient Online Health Information Seeking (OHIS) and the Health Professional in the context of primary care.”
  • Second Supervisor: Campbell J. “What are the key factors which promote resilience in Community Land Trusts?”
  • Additional Supervisor: Currie A. “

Current Research Projects

External interests, member of associations, advisor etc

  • Reviewer for Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice
  • Book reviewer for Psychology Learning & Teaching
  • Reviewer for Cengage Publishing: “Atkinson & Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology”
  • Northern Periphery Programme: Recruit and Retain. Strategic Management Group Member. October 2012-June 2014.

Internal UHI Interests

  • UHI Internal Panel Member; validation of the Humanities Programmes, Orkney (2012)
  • UHI Internal Panel Member; validation of the academic area of Socio-legal Studies for postgraduate research degrees, Perth (2012)
  • UHI Internal Advisor: Postgraduate Certificate in Marine Algal Biotechnology, SAMS, Oban (2013)
  • UHI Internal Advisor: Mlitt Island Studies, Orkney (2013)
  • UHI Internal Panel Member; validation of the MA Fine Art, Moray (2013)
  • UHI Internal Panel Member; revalidation of the academic area of Archaeology programme area (research degree), Orkney (2013)


  • CHORTENS: Creating Helpful Open Research Tools for Engaging New Staff. UHI and the Royal University of Bhutan 2017-20201
  • Strategic Management Group Representative for the Recruit and Retain project: Northern Periphery Programme (European Union). 
  • AToM: Access To Masters. Erasmus. 2017-2019


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Carolan CM, Smith A, Davies GR, Forbat L. Seeking, accepting and declining help for emotional distress in cancer: A systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative evidence. Eur J Cancer Care. 2017;00:e12720. https://doi.org/10.1111/ecc.12720

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Davies, G. (2014) Help-seeking Behaviour Amongst Self-Referring Patients: Views of healthcare professionals. Poster Abstract: Scottish School of Primary Care Annual Conference.

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Davies, G. (2013) Book Review: Professional Ethics: education for a humane society (Feng Su & Bart McGettrick, Eds).  Psychology Learning & Teaching. 12(3); 305-306.

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