Opportunities for research students.


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In addition to the opportunities to conduct a research dissertation project as part of taught Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees, several staff members working with the CORE also supervise individual research students who are studying for M.Res., M.Phil., and PhD awards. Several of these programmes of study are directly or indirectly concerned with the design, delivery, and evaluation of educational opportunities in an online environment. The research may be in a wide variety of disciplinary and thematic areas, for instance, in exploring new ways to enhance opportunities for learning about a particular subject, or ways in which digital resources can be used to improve assessment or study flexibility.

Due to the nature of the research processes, the initial discussions should take place between the prospective student and the potential supervisor in the relevant area of academic expertise. In the first instance, inquiries into a particular area of interest should be directed to a possible supervisor who has indicated their research preferences in their staff profile.

General enquiries should be directed to Prof Frank Rennie at frank.rennie@uhi.ac.uk