Lews Castle College UHI to launch new Gaelic Strategy in 2021.

Statement from Lews Castle College UHI in response to the sociolinguistic research: 'The Gaelic Crisis in the Vernacular Community'

Lews Castle College and the University of the Highlands and Islands play a key part in supporting Gaelic communities, both locally in the Outer Hebrides and nationally across Scotland.

Gaelic is an integral part of the heritage of the Outer Hebrides and the College is committed to working with local, national and regional agencies, Scottish Government and local community interest groups to address the issues raised in this research.

Our new Gaelic strategy, which will be launched in early 2021, will outline how the College aims to fulfil its role in ensuring Gaelic language, culture and heritage is supported to thrive.  We already have measures to enhance the status of Gaelic, promote the acquisition and learning of Gaelic and encourage the increased use of Gaelic across all our university partnership. However, we are open to new collaborations and initiatives and the College looks forward to working with all our partners to take this new strategy forward.


Brath-naidheachd Colaisde a’ Chaisteil mu choinneimh an rannsachaidh: 'The Gaelic Crisis in the Vernacular Community'

Tha Colaisde a’ Chaisteil agus Oilthigh nan Eilean a’ cur taic ri coimhearsnachdan Gàidhlig, an dà chuid gu h-ionadail anns na h-Eileanan Siar agus air feadh Alba.

Tha a’ Ghàidhlig bunaiteach do dhualchas nan Eilean Siar agus tha a’ Cholaisde a’ cur taic ri co-obrachadh le buidhnean ionadail, nàiseanta & roinneil, Riaghaltas na h-Alba agus buidhnean coimhearsnachd gus togail air na puingean a chaidh a thoirt am follais san rannsachadh.

Togaidh Ro-innleachd Gàidhlig ùr na Colaisde, a thèid a chur air bhog tràth ann an 2021, air na tha a’ Cholaisde an dùil dèanamh gus taic a chumail ris a’ Ghàidhlig.  Tha innleachdan againn mar-thà a tha a’ cuideachadh gus inbhe na Gàidhlig a thogail, gus ionnsachadh agus cleachdadh a’ chànain a bhrosnachadh thairis air lìonra an oilthigh.

Tha sinn a’ dèanamh fiughair ri dhol an sàs ann an tuilleadh co-obrachaidh agus iomairtean le buidhnean com-pàirteachaidh gus an ro-innleachd seo a chur an gnìomh.