Enjoy a taste of your future career at UHI Outer Hebrides

Our new Taster sessions are a great way to find out about a subject area and decide if it’s the right option for you.

With options to join our Food & Drink staff to try some cooking, to design your own room in 3D CAD and printing in Engineering, sharpen your business skills and so much more there is something for everyone thinking about taking their next steps in education.

Our subject tasters are aimed at anyone who wants to learn something new. Whether you are a potential applicant, current student, or someone who just fancies finding out more about a subject or our campus, these sessions are designed to give you a feel for what it might be like to study with UHI Outer Hebrides.

All our tasters are run by lecturing staff and are completely free.

Staff will also be on hand in our Student Support Centre to answer questions about courses, applying, funding and support.

Upcoming Taster Sessions:

Wednesday 4th May, from 7.30pm
Business Studies - Joins our Business team for some top business tips and communications tools to support your business and learning
Open Hair Salon - Join our open salon and try a quick hair up tutorial with our staff and students
Engineering - Design a room in CAD and test out our 3D printer

Wednesday 11th May, from 7.30pm
Fashion - Define your style with this fashion illustration session
Sustainable Development 

Wednesday 18th May, from 7.30pm
Jewellery - tour our studio and harness your creative process to create an original design
Gaelic - learn about the fairies, witches, ghosts, the evil eye and the second sight of the Gaelic world with this Intro to Folklore session
Computing - turn you passion into your profession and learn how gaming can lead to a career in the computing design world
Food & Drink - Enjoy tour of our training restaurant and kitchens. You'll also get the opportunity to make an easy dish to take home.”

Thursday 25th May, from 7.30pm
Art - visit out art studios at our Uist Campus
- Engineering - Design a room in CAD and test out our 3D printer
Open Hair Salon - Join our open salon and try a quick hair up tutorial with our staff and students

BOOK NOW - simply email lccmarketing@uhi.ac.uk to book your taster session now. 

Current National EIS Lecturer Strike – You may be aware of the current national college lecturers industrial action.   Despite this, the lecturers at UHI Outer Hebrides remain committed to supporting our current students to succeed and progress.  Our Student Services staff are also on hand to provide all the course information and guidance to anyone interested in applying for courses next year.



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