Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week

Energy Engineering student Yasmina shares her love of rugby as part of Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week

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Image courtesy of Lewis MacDonald

My name is Yasmina, I have been studying at the college for two years in Energy Engineering. The energy sector is something that I always found interesting because it is possible to learn everyday about news techniques to improve our way of living by also looking how to reduce our impact in terms environment.

I am from France and came to Stornoway as a result of an offer from my university in France to study abroad for a year. It was the first big decision I took in my life, and I have never regretted it. I was able to improve my English, discover a new culture and meet new people.

During my studies at, I have been able to work more by myself and gain skills that helps me during my apprenticeship at McLaughlin and Harvey like autonomy, reflection and critical thinking. I have always wanted to learn through an apprenticeship because of the link between the theory and the practical. I am a person who learns better when I understand what I am doing in a practical way. This is why I jumped at the opportunity to have an apprenticeship in the construction sector and the offer McLaughlin and Harvey had for me was the perfect fit. Moreover, I am able to carry on my studies in Energy Engineering in part-time which help me managing my work on site and my studies at the college.

During my time in Stornoway, I decided to join the Stornoway Ladies Rugby team in September 2019. At the time, I heard the team were open to new recruits, even those with no experience in the sport which, was my case. I joined training sessions just to have a try and three weeks later I was playing my first ever game of rugby.

It was very intimidating; we were playing away against the Huntly Women’s team, and we won that game. My first game is one I will never forget because of all the emotions that was there. I was able to travel around Scotland to play games, meet new people and have the biggest parties. Playing rugby has helped me gain self-confidence and be less shy which was a struggle for me.

I have the chance to play with an amazing team, not only on the pitch but mostly outside of it. We all have different backgrounds, coming from everywhere but when we meet each week, we are not only a team but a family.

Joining rugby was definitely the craziest decision of my life but also the greatest. Rugby is not only a sport, but also an experience that stays with you forever.

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