Celebrating the Dark Skies Festival

Ahead of the launch of the Dark Skies Festival for 2022 Dr Chris Macleod celebrates our collaboration with An Lanntair and our partnership in this innovative and dynamic festival for the Outer Hebrides.

We have been involved in each Dark Skies Festival since its inception. The college is involved in many space-related activities and is excited to be participating in this year’s event. The Festival is an ambitious annual programme of events led by An Lanntair, including live music, film, visual art, theatre, astronomy talks, and stargazing. This compliments a lot of the innovative work and research we do here including our work into space travel research.

We are particularly looking forward to welcoming Scotland’s new Astronomer Royal, Professor Catherine Heymans of Edinburgh University to the festival. Professor Heyman’s is an Astrophysicist and a leading expert on dark matter in the Universe.    

I will be speaking about my own research into innovative propulsion systems for spacecraft at the college and be giving a talk on the latest developments in space transportation including the mass access to space and tourism. This will take place at 2pm on Saturday 13 February. This talk will also cover the many connections between the Hebrides and space-travel. You can find tickets for the event here - Dark Skies: The Next Steps in Space Travel, with Dr Chris Macleod - An Lanntair

I will laso be leading a new evening class on Astronomy and Space Science for beginners starting on Wednesday the 16th of February. This will cover diverse aspects of the subject like the history and structure of the universe as well as astronomical instruments, space exploration and practical observing (weather allowing)  – you can find out more about the course here -  Courses starting January 2022 - Astronomy (uhi.ac.uk)

Find out more about the Dark Skies Festival - Hebridean Dark Skies Festival - An Lanntair