COVID -19 (coronavirus)

Information for students and staff content

Information for students and staff

In line with recent Scottish Government Covid safety advice and uncertainty around the new variant, we think it is prudent to reduce our activity on campuses for the next few weeks. We have agreed to a cautious approach and will revert to our previous on-campus working arrangements until the 17th of January. This means that on campus activity will be limited to the following:   

  • Day-time practical classes
  • School classes
  • A limited refectory service 
  • Study spaces for  students unable to study at home - bookable via student services - 
  • Business essential staff 
  • A senior duty manager
  • Exceptional arrangements for staff whose circumstances make it difficult to work from home (to be agreed and approved by either the Principal or Depute Principal)

Please note:

  • Except for business-critical reasons, all meetings should be conducted online
  • There will be no evening classes during this period
  • Library services will operate on a click and collect basis

We hope to resume our current arrangements after the 17th of January and will update you on this before that time.

We know this is frustrating but you will appreciate the need to adjust as circumstances change and thank you for your understanding.

Please contact your PAT or line manager if you are unsure of your own circumstances in relation to these arrangements or have any questions.

Please see the information below and for further updates, staff and students are requested to monitor their email accounts, and check this web page, Facebook and Twitter.

If you require any further information or advice contact us on 01851 770000 or email

Support for Students content

Support for Students

Support for Students

Student Support Information 

  • Our Student Services team are here to support you. You acn contact them our our counselling services 24/7 - find our more here. 
  • If you are struggling financially, please complete the online Discretionary Fund form – available on the Student Hub – and provide the relevant evidence.
  • For problems regarding needing a laptop or Broadband/connectivity issues, please contact to discuss the issues and access support. 
  • If you are finding it hard to cope, remember that the free, anonymous online mental health platform TogetherALL is here for all students, 24/7  Support - Togetherall (
  • There is also a list of support available, what to do in a crisis or if you are worried about someone else on the UHI webpage.
  • If you need any help please reach out. We are here to support all our students.

Library Services

IT Service Desk

Testing content




One of the ways we can all #StaySafe is to test regularly with lateral flow devices, especially before socialising. Free tests are available to collect from college reception or any of the following:

  • Pharmacies
  • Test site
  • Local authority sites
  • Or by ordering online

Find out more at  

Remember to report your lateral flow test result every time, whether it's positive, negative or void. This helps provide a better picture on the level of the virus in the community. Report positive results online at

All staff and students attending any campus are asked to test regularly. 

Self Isolation content

Self Isolation

Self Isolation

It is very important that you stay at home (self-isolate) if:

  • you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • you've had a positive lateral flow device or PCR test result
  • you're over 18 years and 4 months and not fully vaccinated and someone you live with has coronavirus symptoms but has not yet been tested or received their test result
  • you’re a close contact of someone who has had a positive LFD or PCR test result and you are over 18 years and 4 months and not fully vaccinated

Notify your PAT as soon as you can.

Changes have been made to the self-isolation rules in Scotland. Read the updated guidance at

You may be able to end self-isolation early if you have 2 consecutive negative LFD test results from day 6 onwards, taken 24 hours apart. For example, a negative LFD test result on day 6 and 7, day 7 and 8, or day 8 and 9. To be able to end self-isolation, you should also make sure you:

- do not have a high temperature
- follow the guidance for staying safe when you've ended self-isolation
For more information on self isolation see the Self Isolation Guide
Make sure you know how to stay safe and protect others ➡️

You can contact Student Services for any help and support you might need.

General Advice content

General Advice

General Advice

Please ensure that you follow the current Scottish Government Guidance when attending any of our campuses

Social Distancing

  • You must adhere to all existing and new signage, and ways to move within the buildings across all campuses.
  • You must always maintain appropriate social distancing within buildings, circulation spaces, within teaching areas and when using the limited seating in break areas.
  • You may need to queue whilst maintaining social distancing when entering or leaving campus or teaching areas. Please be patient and cooperate with each other.
  • The number of persons working or occupying any area must be reduced to comply with the current social distancing gap recommended by the Scottish Government.


Government advice indicates that effective hand washing is a major Coronavirus control measure:

  • Ensure you wash your hands for 20 seconds with water and soap.
  • Dry your hands properly with a disposable paper towel which must be disposed of considerately in the bin provided.
  • “Catch it, bin it, kill it” remember to catch coughs and sneezes in a disposable tissue – avoid touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands.

Do not come to work or attend face to face classes if:

  • You have recently become unwell with a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss or changed sense of smell.
  • If you have been shielding or a member of your household has been shielding you should strongly consider if it’s safe and appropriate for you to come to work.
  • Remember the current default situation is for home study to continue except for those who are studying practical subjects – your personal academic tutor will discuss this situation with you.

Procedures for students from non-exempt countries to ensure respect of quarantine requirements:

Coronavirus (COVID 19) public health measures at borders (international travel):

  • You must follow quarantine rules and information on the process for people entering the UK.
  • When you arrive at your final destination in Scotland, it is important that you stay in your accommodation for 14 days without leaving.
Safe Return to Campus – Student Guide content

Safe Return to Campus – Student Guide

Safe Return to Campus – Student Guide

Whether you are a new, or returning student, you can expect to see some changes when you enter our buildings.  

Arriving at the Stornoway Campus 

The main entrance (revolving door) is now in use.

  • On your way in, please sanitise your hands using hand sanitisers located at the door.
  • Maintain social distancing as you enter the building.
  • Use the main entrance to F Block to enter and exit.  In the event of a fire alarm, please use any nearest exit

One way pedestrian traffic

  • Please follow the floor marked pedestrian routes – allow a 1 metre gap while walking through the premises.
  • In Block A the middle stairwell must be used going up and the end stairwells on your way down.
  • In Block C the middle stairwell must be used going up and the west end stairwell on the way down.
  • There are 2 exit points, one at the door leading into the east Courtyard, thereafter make your way to the car park following the footpath to the front of Block A and the other at the west door leading from E Block.  In the event of a fire alarm, please use any nearest exit

Moving Around Buildings

Maintaining social distance in foyer, corridors, stairs, lift, reception:

  • Social distancing signs have been introduced across buildings.
  • Lift occupancy is restricted to 1 person.
  • All high touch surfaces (door handles, hand rails, etc) will be cleaned and sanitised periodically during the day.

Persons becoming unwell with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID 19) while on campus

Everyone must have an understanding of what to do if anyone becomes unwell with a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss or changed sense of taste or smell:

  • They will be isolated in the workplace and requested to go home.
  • The Public Health Authority will be informed and advice will be taken on any necessary precautions or actions.
Face Coverings and Cleaning Protocols content

Face Coverings and Cleaning Protocols

Face Coverings and Cleaning Protocols

To help protect others and reduce the risk of transmission of COVID 19, face coverings are mandatory in all communal and learning areas including classrooms, workshops, kitchens, library, and study rooms.

Exemptions apply to those who have a reasonable explanation for not wearing one (for example, if you have a health condition or a disability and a face covering would cause difficulty, pain or distress; you need to communicate with someone who relies on lip reading; you need to eat, drink or take medicine).  All staff and students should be aware of these exemptions and ensure they understand and respect this. Bullying and harassment on this issue will not be tolerated.

Cleaning Protocols

In addition to end of day cleaning, a routine of regular cleaning of high touch areas is being carried out during the day. Staff are provided with cleaning materials to wipe individual work areas and equipment after use.  Each classroom is also provided with cleaning materials and students must use these to clean down desks, keyboards, mice, and any other equipment before and after each use.

Refectory facilities content

Refectory facilities

Refectory facilities

The Refectory is currently open 10.15am - 11.30am for hot rolls and drinks. 

Protect Scotland App content

Protect Scotland App

Protect Scotland App

The Scottish Government has launched the free Protect Scotland App from NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect. This is now available to download at and via the App Store and Google Play.

The free Protect Scotland App will complement NHS Scotland’s existing Test and Protect contact tracing measures by allowing people to be notified far quicker if they are exposed to the virus. Knowing this information sooner means people can self-isolate and reduce the risk of infecting others.

  • The App is free to download and uses Bluetooth technology
  • Once downloaded, the App works in the background, using minimal data
  • The App will alert you, if you’ve been within two metres for at least 15 minutes with another App user who has tested positive for coronavirus
  • If you test positive, the App will quickly and anonymously alert those you have been in close contact with
  • The encrypted codes generated by the App don’t record identity or location and are deleted after 14 days, meaning the data it collects is anonymous and private
  • The App technology is already working successfully in several countries across Europe
How to handwash effectively - a film from the World Health Organisation content

How to handwash effectively - a film from the World Health Organisation