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UHI Outer Hebrides is where learning means more. We’re more than a college and more than a university. From our campuses across the Outer Hebrides we offer flexible and supported learning from access level through to PhD, to suit more people, at more levels, for more reasons. Apply now to start September 2022.

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Gaelic aig UHI Outer Hebrides

’S ann tron Ghàidhlig a gheibhear dualchas agus cultar nan eilean. Tha UHI Innse Gall air leth suidhichte airson a bhith an sàs ann an ath-bheothachadh na Gàidhlig sna coimhearsnachdan againn. Faighibh a-mach mu na cùrsaichean Gàidhlig aig UHI Innse Gall.

Gaelic is intrinsic to our island culture and heritage. UHI Outer Hebrides is uniquely situated to help drive forward a revitalisation of Gaelic within our communities. Find out more about studying Gaelic at UHI Outer Hebrides

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